Date: 2019 Sep 8 - 11 | Conference Venue: Marriott Hotel, Ottawa, Canada
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The 4thNuclear Waste Management, Decommissioning and Environmental Restoration (NWMDER) Conference from September 8-11, 2019.The conference will be held at the Ottawa Marriott Hotel in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

The Nuclear Waste Management, Decommissioning and Environmental Restoration Conferences held in 2005, 2011and 2016 were highly successful, with over 300 Canadian and international participants from many nuclear related organizations and universities at each conference. These conferences provided opportunities for sharing and exchanging ideas, views, information and experience among specialists, managers and a broad range of subject experts in the industry, government, community, and other key stakeholders. The past NWMDER conferences fostered collaborative dialogue to the overall benefit of the Canadian and International nuclear industries.



“Moving Forward Together Toward Sustainable Solutions”

Once again Canadian Nuclear Society (CNS) is organizing the Nuclear Waste Management, Decommissioning, and Environmental Restoration (NWMDER) conference to provide a forum for discussion of the status and proposed future directions of technical, regulatory, environmental, social, and economic aspects of nuclear waste management, decommissioning, and environmental restoration for nuclearfacilities.

CNS intends to make this conference as successful as the past NWMDER conferences, held in 2005, 2011 and 2016, each with more than 300 Canadian and international participants.

Paper categories

Papers are solicited for the following categories:

  1. Government Policies, Programs & Oversight:  Includes new developments and updates on federal, provincial and international programs and policies, and regulatory and oversight matters.  Can include contracting, permitting, compliance, privatization, new regulation, and standards development.
  2. Stakeholder Engagement:  Includes practical examples of approaches to community and stakeholder engagement, communications, including social media, and collaborative decision-making. 

  3. Indigenous Participation in the Nuclear Industry:  Includes practical approaches to learning and working together between the nuclear industry and Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities in the context of reconciliation.  Includes fostering the exchange between Indigenous Knowledge and western science systems, exploring meaningful relationships and partnerships, and stewarding community well-being.

  4. Uranium Mining & Milling Waste Management:  Includes the regulatory interfaces, compliance verification and monitoring, and processing and disposal of waste (including waste rock, tailings and mill effluent, and site remediation).

  5. Low Level, Intermediate Level & Mixed Waste Management:  Includes generation through treatment, recycling, long term management and disposal, technology deployment, and effluent monitoring for all types of facilities from hospitals, research, power generating, radiochemical, and waste facilities.  

  6. Used Nuclear Fuel & High Level Waste Management:  Includes treatment, recycling through interim storage, long term management and disposal.  Also covers safety assessment, licensing, monitoring, sitting, and development of a deep geological repository.

  7. Waste Characterization, Processing, Packaging& Waste Minimization:  Includes waste characterization, waste processing, and packaging and minimization including strategies, technologies, and technical development.

  8. Waste Transportation:  Includes transport package development and regulatory considerations, transportation logistics and operations, and integrated planning and scheduling issues for large shipping campaigns, and stakeholder and public attitude research and engagement.

  9. SMR Waste: Includes waste characteristics, recycling potential, transportation, decommissioning strategies, storage, and disposal of SMR waste. 

  10. Environmental Remediation:  Includes remedial actions, inspection, characterization, sampling, compliance, aquifer and soil remediation and management of residual waste, technological or process improvements, closure, and legacy management/long-term stewardship.

  11. Decommissioning Strategies & Projects:  Includes site wide decommissioning strategies and financial funding models to regulatory aspects and planning.  Can include waste characterization, waste storage, waste handling, clearance criteria, decontamination, dismantling and demolition, cost estimating, and international technology. 

  12. Other Potential Tracks:  Safety & Safeguards, Information Management, Quality Assurance, Preservation of Knowledge, Succession Planning.


Author Information

Call for Papers

Abstract Formatting Instructions

Paper Formatting Instructions

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Copyright of papers submitted to the conference remains with author and/or his/her organization. The CNS may freely reproduce the papers in print, electronic or other forms, and retains a royalty-free right to charge fees for such material as it sees fit. 

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Important Deadlines

The following are important deadlines for paper submission:
(Late submissions may not be accepted)

Online submission of abstracts: Jan 15, 2019
Notification of acceptance of abstracts: Mar 01, 2019
Online submission of draft full papers: May 01, 2019
Notification of acceptance of full draft: June 15, 2019
Receipt of final full papers: July 06, 2019 

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